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Dasha has been passionate about Astrology and specifically relationship astrology for the better part of 18 years ... She has begun her Passion at the age of 12, with research into astrology focusing on the Western methods with placidus charts , but she *also* incorporates Chinese astrology to gather a complete and detailed outlook of relationships or personality profiles. Some of Dasha’s favorite astrologer to learn from are Liz Greene (with whom she almost shares a birthday! September 5th ) and Robert Hand. Dasha likes to also use her background of University Psychology to help guide the analytical process and ensure that she remains within only the most professional parameters for her clients as she guides them gently onto their correct life course, or relationship course…

She always guarantees in- depth research due to her many aspects in Scorpio / Pluto ..

This, she thinks, is the most satisfying nature of the job – detective work for self-improvement.

My Three Types of Clients

Relationship and Love advice client

This is my standard and most popular client. Usually, people are interested in how to maximize the challenges and advantages of their love relationships. Clients are looking for that much needed Pillar of balance upon which all relationships stand (especially needed for those high intensity passionate relationships). I offer my client services that help them navigate the stormy love weather, and create lasting changes as well as follow up on major destiny lessons they can take away from their important bond with their chosen one.

Career and Talent Diagnosis

My clients seek and accept my guidance on their most coveted career paths. My clients want to understand their inner motives for choosing a certain career path, and my clients want to know what fuels their drive to keep excelling at their perfect path. I offer an in- depth analysis to examine whether the person is moving forward into a path that aligns with their sole purpose. Along the way we look at more down- to Earth questions such as: timing, organization management, resources, improving skills for the future.

Health and Wellness Client

This client is interested in maximizing all their inner potentials for health such as lifestyle, diet and nutrition, a workout regime personalized to their liking (and personality) as well as an open discussion on balance, sleep cycles, other life factors, and regulating health in the modern era. I offer very personalized solutions according to the client’s bodily needs, biorhythms, lunar cycles, and whatever other parameters I consider necessary to maximize the client’s most energetic self.

Upcoming Lectures and Awards

Want to see Dasha live?


January 11th

"Relationships The Good, Bad and the Ugly"

Lecturing at: Astrology Club Toronto


Discover and know your life paths, or dig into your transitions from former seasons onto new paths depending on Astrological lessons. You can now have a key to understand people around you and how they operate. Astrology guides along the path of discovering your needs, drives, motives, or help explain why certain people are present in our lives. This can include: Family relationships, career dynamics, or the most intimate of couple relationships. You can also discover about your soul purpose and deepest potential career paths, or ways to manage and run your business much more smoothly.

Dasha records all her sessions on skype, she can create download links for you upon request.

Introductory Session $130 for 90 minutes

Explore your life path in general, your innate talents and skills, the learning curves of your destiny, looking at how your chart operates in the past and in the moment . This will help you understand the psychology behind the current trends.

Follow- up: Specific Questions $130 for 90 minutes or $90 for 45 minutes

Now you can explore your chart in more depth and detail. The extra session can look into your relationships, or the inter-connecting dynamics in your family, you can break down your chart to gain insight into upcoming life areas or changes on the domestic front.

Relationship Report: Interact with Others and Love insider info $140 for 90 minutes or a 12 – page Report

Here two formats are available: a Skype session or a 12- page reading format. Explore the bonds and the motives behind meeting the most significant people in your life. Discover what drives sustains and nourishes the relationship. Discover also the spiritual reason for coming together and learn how to navigate the challenges and growth battles of the relationship. Evaluate how compatible you are with someone and for how long.

Business trends and Career Report: $130 for 90 minutes

Navigate the hurdles of climbing the success ladder and gain behind the scenes views into what makes you more efficient and productive on the job and after hours. See how you can expand your network and expand your success ration by using timing, your innate talents, and successful planning ahead. Check trends , transits, and the most auspicious times to make large career decisions.

Q & A

All astrological cases are dealt with full confidentiality. Dasha values your privacy!

Astrology services available in the following languages: English, Russian, Hebrew.

Payment acceptance details: E-transfer, Paypal, Western Union.

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